Microtonal Talks @ EUROMicroFest 2017

Fr., 19 May, 2017

2pm-6pm Microtonal Talks – FREE ADMISSION



— 14h Agustin Castilla-Avila (SP/AT)

The Microtonal Guitar  
— 14h30 Christopher Watford (USA)
The Microtonal bassoon 
a more detailed explanation of the instrument’s microtonal functionality in the context of Chris’ concert the previous day – with demonstrations
 — 15h Stephen Altoft (UK/DE)
Eighth-tones on the Flugel horn
— 15h30 Tassos Tataroglou (GR/CH)
The Microtone-Duplex is a trumpet with integrated keys for microtones, a slide
mechanism attached to the tuning slide of the instrument and a second bell.
16h00 Pause
— 16h30 Casey Hale (USA/UK)
19-div through its temperaments
— 17h Michael H. Dixon (AUS)
Tuning the Horn: composing and performing in extended just intonation.
— 17h30 James Batty (UK)
The Golden Ratio Project: James will introduce the album he’s currently working on for retuned acoustic piano and strings.

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