The fourth EUROMicroFest, EUROMicroFest 2017 (Microtonal Projects and un-sound) took place at E-Werk in Freiburg, Germany (18-20 May, 2017).
It featured: Stephen Altoft (UK/DE); James Batty (UK); Donald Bousted (UK); Agustin Castilla-Avila (ES/AT); duo Contour (DE); Michael H.Dixon (AU); Lee Ferguson (US/DE); Casey Hale (US); Christian Klinkenberg (BE); Jan F.Kurth (DE); Sevish (UK); Tassos Tataroglou (GR); Christopher Watford (US); Ephraim Wegner (DE)



Partner events were organised by the International Ekmelic Society (Internationales Symposium MIKROTÖNE ~ MICROTONES, ‘SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL’, Universität Mozarteum Salzburg, 30 June – 2July, 2017); Croatian Association for Microtonal Art, miCROfest in Zagreb (27-28 October, 2017)

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