Sometime in 2010, and I regret to say I’m not sure when, Kirsten Edwards and I were asked to present a programme for Resonance FM as a means of advertising our forthcoming UK MicroFest 4 at The Vortex Jazz Club, London.

These are the notes for the show. There was some improvisation and some editing too and I have to confess that I never heard the final version (there was a very stressful lead-in to that event!). But I know it did help bring a few people along for the performances and presentations (the full programme of the event, which was jointly hosted by the Royal Academy of Music, can be accessed by subscribing to our Dropbox Resources folder).

It’s not a perfect document, it’s more of a prompt for the show, but reading it back 10 years later, it does give a sense of what Microtonal Projects was about then, and many aspects have carried through to the EUROMicroFest series.

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