Donald Bousted (1957-2021)

My dear friend of thirty years and longterm collaborator of twenty-five years, Donald Bousted, composer, and Artistic Director of Microtonal Projects passed away last Saturday after a second and short battle against cancer.

He founded Microtonal Projects in 2004, ran four UKMicroFests in London (having visited LA MicroFest), nine Wild dog media events in London and then founded  the EUROMicroFest with me in Germany. We travelled to South Korea together, we toured the UK and around Europe presenting the Microtonal Trumpet.

I have been co-director sind UKMicroFest 4, but performed at the events since the beginning because of our Microtonal Trumpet project.

We will try to continue what he started, always with him in our hearts and mind, remembering his vision, energy and determination, and ‘just getting on with it’.

Both Resource Folders are now hosted on my Dropbox, so I have invited those whom we still had registration records of to join the new folders, but if you find that you no longer have access, simply re-register using the registration forms on the appropriate pages.

Stephen Altoft

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