The end of the beginning, Album by Donald Bousted

New Year Re-release: ‘The end of the beginning’, Album of works by Donald Bousted. This was originally a double CD/DVD, which we are releasing the CD part of on Bandcamp, as a tribute to Donald, our founder, who passed away sadly on 4th December, 2021. The Original Physical CD/DVD has been unavailable for years, as it sold out! Now people can access it again.

It features the following pieces:

– Solo for Elisabeth, Alan Thomas, guitar

– Four Comedic Studies, William Raaijman, alto sax

– In preparation. Rachel Barnes, Helder recorder

– Tears , Tubulate, Tuba Quartet

– Verses 1 & 2, duo Contour

Stephen Altoft, 19-division of the octave trumpet, Lee Ferguson, percussion

On the DVD where the following films:

Slide, with Gary O’ Connor, Stephen Altoft, quarter-tone trumpet

A Young Girl goes to Sea, with Anne Robinson, Donald Bousted, quarter-tone guitar

Slice through the Night, with Anne Robinson

Verses 3 & 4, duo Contour

The Night which Took the Appearance of day, Donald Bousted, quarter-tone guitar

The film pieces can be viewed on the Donald Bousted YouTube Channel