Black Forest Percussion Group: Natur * Gesetz

A Partner event of EUROMicroFest 2019 and in collaboration with L’estro Armonico (two concerts).
1) Elisabeth-Schneider-Stiftung, Freiburg
10.05.2019, 8pm

2) Erzingen Kath. Pfarrkirche St. Georg, Stuhlingen
12.05.2019, 5pm

L’estro Armonico

Monika Ecker, Cello
Nadja Camichel, Flute
Yelizaveta Kozlova, Violin
Adhi Jacinth Tanumihardja, Harpsichord

Black Forest Percussion Group

Lee Ferguson
Christian Rombach
Dino Georgeton
Bertrand Gourdy

The concert carries the title of “Natur*Gesetz” and is based around two works, J.S. Bach’s “Musical Offering” and David Lang’s “The So-Called Laws of Nature”.  The listener will be experiencing two different types of microtonality in these concerts. L’estro Armonico will be playing in Valotti a’=415Hz while Black Forest will be playing hand-made instruments which have been tuned to a tempered scale; although the nature of the instruments and inconsistency of materials (Ceramic flower pots, wooden boards, metal pipes,) naturally create a microtonal quality and unusual sound spectrums. 

Stadt Freiburg Kulturamt 

Regierunspräsidium Freiburg
Erzingen: Katholische Pfarrkirche St. Georg

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