EuroMicroFest 2019 – Microtonal Talks


Elisabeth-Schneider-Stiftung, Saturday 25, May, 2019, 2pm – 4.30pm 

As is usual at EUROMicroFest, we ask a small number of distinguished guests to present an insight into their work.

2.00pm || Historical Tunings and Temperaments on Guitar: An Introduction to their Realisation with Modern Microtonal Fretboards with Michael Kudirka (USA). 

2.30pm || Composer Matthias S. Krüger presnts his piece ‘Arkadische Botschaften I’ – after Peter Kees – for microtonal guitar with prepared steel strings in scordatura. We are delighted that the distinguished guitarist Stephan Schmidt will be present to play the complete work.

3.00pm || Christian Klinkenberg (BE), Engaging the audience: Microtonality and Interactivity in a Concert Situation.  Composer/performer Christian Klinkenberg will demonstrate an app which introduces interactivity into the concert situation.

3:30pm || Characteristics of the microtonal scene in Finland with composer Juhani Vesikkala

4.00pm || Crafting the Pitch: microtones on the recorder and The Quarter-Tone Recorder Manual with Kathryn Bennetts (GB), Recorder.  Kathryn will introduce the pedagogical method behind the Quarter-Tone Recorder Manual and demonstrate the progression through two works by Donald Bousted.

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